Our Mission

At Seedlings Therapy, our mission is to serve children with speech, language and feeding disorders and their families. We believe that all children should have access to evidence-based treatment practices with a focus on practical, family-centered intervention. We believe that therapy is most beneficial when it takes into consideration the whole child. With careful attention paid to each individual child’s gifts and challenges, we work hand-in-hand with families to create a treatment plan that is realistic, attainable and allows each child to reach his or her optimal potential.

At Seedlings Therapy we believe that functional communication is attainable for every child, whether that be through verbal or other augmentative/assistive communication methods. We believe that pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders are treatable. Mealtime should be a happy time and all children should have access to healthy and developmentally appropriate nutrition. We are committed to providing the support necessary to facilitate your child’s access to the least restrictive home, academic, and community environment.

We value strong relationships with your child’s school and other community providers. We believe that children benefit when care is cohesive, communication is clear and there is collaboration across disciplines.

At Seedlings Therapy we believe that no one is an island. Parenting a child with special needs can be an isolating experience. Parents must simultaneously wear the hats of mother, father, social worker, therapist, nurse, etc. and navigating these various roles can be extremely challenging. It is for that reason that Seedlings Therapy is committed to providing a safe place for parents to come for community resources, peer support, and unbiased information regarding their child’s diagnosis and treatment options.