Free, initial no obligation phone consultations to discuss your child’s needs and preliminary recommendations.

In-home feeding and swallowing evaluation and treatment.  A feeding evaluation will address any concerns related to your child’s oral motorfeeding, and swallowing skills.  These evaluations will address any of your concerns related to your child’s feeding and swallowing.  Having trouble transitioning from baby foods to solids?  Frustrated by the endless cycle of macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets?  We will get to the bottom of it and you will be provided with a detailed meal plan, thorough recommendations and support each step of the way.  There can be an end to the mealtime misery!

Learn more about how to spot a feeding or swallowing disorder here!

In-home speech and language evaluation and treatment.  Standardized assessments will be administered as necessary.  Evaluations can address articulation, phonology, language processing and expression, and executive functioning skills.

A full diagnostic report will be provided, complete with goals and treatment recommendations. You will receive your report within two weeks of the evaluation and it will be yours to keep and share with other professionals on your care team as you feel appropriate.

Individual treatment sessions provided in your home or other location of your choosing.  Some parents prefer that sessions are held in the community or daycare/preschool setting.  As long as this has been approved by the child’s teacher or daycare provider, I am happy to work with your child in these settings!

Small group sessions are offered for those children working on pragmatic language goals.

School visits, observations and conferences with teachers/IEP team can be arranged upon request.


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